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We're excited to share that our proprietary monatomic gold plasma process

will now be integrated at a private Medi-Spa in Europe!

Mary Jane on Main Street products originated from our bespoke solutions for private clients

and we'll continue to formulate for you according to your personal needs and in private sessions.

Our self care systems offer simple solutions for daily living based upon actual human experience.

My life is my lab and I personally test every option and solution.

We have a limited amount of solutions including our original Amber Gold Roll~on available

as each formulation is created in small batches at the Family Farm'acy. 

Come visit our shop here MARY JANE ON MAIN STREET | Planet Apothecary Shop

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We'll continue to still produce small batches according to Natural Cycles.

Remember, we are Mother & Father Nature approved, as our Unified Guiding Source for our Whole Being.


We trust you appreciate our care and we're certain,

You'll LOVE How You FEEL

with Mary Jane on Main Street Self Care Solutions.

In heartfelt appreciation of your support and patronage,

Jeanette Wolfe ND IP

Founding Visionary 

Mary Jane on Main Street 

Planet Apothecary LLC

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