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Mary Jane on Main Street Kids Care is for people who want to discover new ways to practice mindfulness with their children.

A large part of our founder's life work has focused on the underlying

drivers that motivate children to feel centered & healthy. 


Recent research in brain science and psychology has been confirming what we intuitively know

about the value of mindfulness and presence in parenting, in teaching, and being with children.


Your presence and small adjustments, made moment to moment can have a dramatic,

long term impact in children's mental, spiritual and emotional wellbeing.

Mary Jane on Main Street Self Care Kids Care products offer you and your children moment to moment

adjustments when life feels just a bit intense, nerves are frayed and you are tired of feeling wired.

Whether your child is in daycare, school or still at home, there are so many things that you or your school

can do to enhance their wellness—simple things that support greater happiness, creativity and reduce stress.

​Imagine your children being able to:​ feel happier about themselves​, manage their stress levels better​, 

access their intuition and creativity more easily, feel more confident and overcoming fears​, 

express their individuality​, become self motivated and enthusiastic​?   


Well they can!

  Enjoy our Personal Home Self Care Apothecary selections for your Whole Being.


We have a limited amount of these solutions available as each is created in small batches at the Family Farm'acy.

We're gearing up our production capacity while maintaining our highest standards and most of all,

still producing according to natural Cycles.


Remember, we are Mother & Father Nature approved, as our Unified Guiding Source for our Whole Being.

Orders may take 7-28 days accordingly. 


                   We trust you appreciate our care and we're certain, You'll LOVE how YOU FEEL!

Enjoy the beauty that a Mary Jane on Main Street Presence Pause 
offers you and your children as you go about your regular routines. 

Each product offers you a small description of "how to" & "when to" pause, be present & come to your senses in a world that can be full of have to's.


Consider that the time to pause is exactly when your mind is telling you you have no time. 

Lose your "have to mind" for just a moment, pause, & come to your senses. 

You'll be surprised & delighted at the potentials and possibilities that open to you & your child.  


Interested in exploring your children's Sensory IQ , a Sensory Diet or simply have a session with Jeanette to explore more ?


Jeanette Wolfe provides

  • nutritional and supplemental guidance

  • analyze your children's space

  • colors

  • lighting

  • the spatial arrangement of the furniture

  • introduce scent into the space

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