Mary Jane on Main Street Body Wash

Mary Jane on Main Street Hemp Body Wash

16 oz


Our reviving Mary Jane on Main Street Hemp Body Wash awakens the senses with a blend of Hemp Seed oil, Frankincense and Myrrh. Formulated with natural plant extracts, essential oils, and sustainably harvested herbs to deliver clean, natural and safe cleansing.

Mary Jane on Main Street Body Wash

  • Mary Jane on Main Street Daily Ceremony of Self Care Products 

    18% of our body is carbon.
    75% of our body is water.
    71% of our planet is water.
    We now know (through the work of Masaru Emoto) that intent can be imprinted on water.

    Mary Jane On Main Street Gold Standard self care products combine a full sensory approach for your Whole Being.

    • Cymatic harmonics tune our hemp and the finest essential oils.
    • Gold Gans fields heighten your fortified auric field of energy enabling your neurology to relax into ease and out of fight of flight as your vagus nerve picks up the signals that all is well in the space you are from your crowning glory to your very soles.
    • Mary Jane on Main Street supports your kissing the Earth with your feet with each step.
    • We at Planet donate the planting of a tree for your purchase of $175 or more.
    • Invest in your ease, invest in your planet, invest in your future Wholebeing with Mary Jane on Main Street.




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