Complexion Care Starter Kit

Mary Jane on Main Street Complexion Care Starter Kit


Mary Jane on Main Street Gold Standard Skin Care starter set offers you full circle radiance.


Start your day with your seven minute Ceremony of Self to nourish your nervous system through the largest organ of absorption you have: your skin. 


Complexion Care Starter Set:

  • Golden Face Soap
  • Herkimer Diamond Serum
  • Petrichor Glacial Facial
  • Mary Jane on Main Street Spritz
  • Bliss Lift 


  • Step 1: Our gentle essential oil, tigers eye infused glycerin soap cleanses & nourishes at once. 
  •  Step 2: On alternate days or as needed. Apply a thin coat of Petrichor Glacial Facial to gentle detox and establish a fortified face forward approach to navigating your days. Allow to dry and gently rinse off.
  • Step 3: Replenish, soothe & smooth with Herkimer Diamond Serum 
  • Step 4: Before or sans makeup, spritz our Mary Jane on Main Street rosewater imbued with Frankincense, Gold & Myrrh to complete your ceremony of Self.
  • Step 5: In the moments that call for tension relief, spritz a bit of Bliss Lift on your beautiful face and take a moment to tap and reset.






Complexion Care Starter Kit

  • "The Vagus, wandering nerve, like the unconscious brain, integrates sensations from the body and regulates essential functions. Mary Jane on Main Street solutions nourish your nervous system & vagus to support your full flow and the harmonic communication of your whole body's operational system." JW


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