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Our family mission in researching ways to support  whole being through nourishing the nervous system

is at the heart of Mary Jane on Main Street.

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Our family farm’acy focuses on cultivating care for stress related dis’ease using natural ingredients focused on Hemp using ancient preparatory methods combined with the harmonic science of bio resonance.  


The self-care solutions you can find here in our shop & our unique Sensory Matrix Diets & Mentoring provide in depth insights into why you feel the way you feel from your core survival sense and support in navigating your whole life experience with greater ease.

We are three generations of super sensory beings offering you the potentials and possibilities of reconnecting with your sensory knowing & an entire network of communication receptors that already exists in your physiology known as the endocannabinoid system.

The collective movement to return to Hemp is just beginning to embrace the tip of the iceberg in terms of realizing the mechanisms through which our bodies innate intelligence can self-regulate & return to Whole Being.

Whole Being addresses your physical, intellectual, emotional, spiritual & relational wellness through your 7 senses. Research shows that thinking about how to achieve health & wellness can create greater stressors, our experience & research shows that coming to your senses is TRANSFORMATIVE.

Whole Being is dependent upon an adaptive, functioning nervous system. 

At the core of our adaptability is our vagus nerve. The vagus nerve is central to every aspect of our life experience. It can offer us the ability to respond to our very survival to deep meditative states. Your vagus nerve regulates your Sensory DNA.

Your Senses are the gateway to how you experience yourself, your family, friends, colleagues and the world at large. 

In a world where human contact has become highly digitized, your sensory care is the key to returning to deep personal connection to others and your environment and being able to navigate your relationships with ease and joy. 


Understanding your Sensory DNA is vital to living stress free.

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As our collective mindset has returned to a more natural way of life and we are ever more disillusioned with big pharma, health and Whole Being have never been more vital as we seek the healthiest diets, most natural beauty products and rarest ingredients with the most potent properties.


We know that simple is stress free.


Mary Jane Self Care Solutions are as simple & stress free as washing your hair, showering, enjoying your morning brew & your evening rest. You care for yourself and family through nourishing your senses vs dumbing or numbing them.

Mom is an herbalist with over 60 years of application. She modeled sustainable living & used perma'culture well before they were buzzwords on our farm in upstate New York. She and my dad have grown 80% of our groceries since 1972. They created a tree stewardship with the state of NY & while dad guides from the Multiverse now, mom’s green thumb & incredible passion for life keep the berries, fruits & herbs thriving as she steps into her 86th year.

I started college at age 15 with a major in art and a minor in psychology. My passion is in observing how humans navigate and interact with their space. I realized early on the impact of environment on humans and living things.

My early career was highly profitable designing and forecasting home furnishings colors and design trends. My finger was always on the pulse of trends far before typical sources as I observed the behavioral collective response to politics and current events. Color, light, sound & fashion trends in any industry are an extension of the collective emotional climate. A very simple sensory & powerful formula of behavioral patterns that I still apply to my clinical & corporate intimate ergonomic design work . 

Unique health challenges shifted my attention in my late 20’s to studying Naturopathy & Behavioral Sciences. For over 15 years focused interactions & research with children, their families & teachers graced me with behavioral insights into the dynamics of Sensory IQ.

In 2009 countless clients, after seeking good health from expert to expert found me at my center in Princeton, NJ. Many have become fast friends & colleagues in their now balanced health.  

By applying simple techniques in linguistics, exercises to align the reticular activating system & Sensory DNA diets, health & Whole Being can vastly health improve beyond what we have been programmed to believe is possible. You can explore more of those services at

My clients now herald from 120 countries & include Corporations, C-Suite Execs, Consulates, City Governments, Politicians, Actors, Sports Personalities, private individuals, children, educational & Medical Institutions.


I support high net worth families in dealing with their most uncomfortable core ancestral issues. Most of all, I have the honor of supporting 1000’s of families & children to realize their most optimal health & Whole Being physiologically, psychologically & emotionally. 

The incredible insights I've gained into treating those on the super sensory spectrum along with my unique ability navigate my own health challenges & regenerate have been the most profound & are at the foundation of what my family farm'acy shares. The ability to flourish after experiencing what many authorities claimed would forever diminish my son Drethun’s and my health is the creative seed that has brought forth Mary Jane Self Care Solutions.

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Drethun's innate ability to get to the heart of the matter supports much of the background flow at

Planet Apothecary LLC & Mary Jane on Main Street. He manages internal & external communication efforts & development of the strategy and execution of Communications. His contributions to development & testing of technologies in product development have accelerated the growth of Planet Apothecary LLC since 2015.

Drethun is a member of leadership team focused on providing the best possible story to define what Mary Jane on Main Street, our PALL technologies & what all its components stand for, its value, importance, & differentiation. This includes the story of its vision, technologies, growth, agents, people and data, as well as the services provided to clients. Design sensibility, an editorial eye and the ability to speak with anyone, anywhere, anytime comfortably and confidently is part of this role. You can hear his voice overs in podcasts, commercials & my on the air presence.

The practice of procuring and using plants and herbs as medicinal remedies is an ancient one, one taken deeply to heart and one we are blessed to have a lineage in.


In modern society, the lack of know-how as to herbal applications & now the call for mass use of Hemp & herbs is concerning & often diminishes the effectivity that can be achieved with quality ingredients, proper applications & information. As he leads, his observations on authenticity & his know how, keep us ever mindful of our mission of being rooted in Quality, Truth, Simplicity, Love, and Service.


We welcome you to come home to your senses with our multi-generational farm’acy of solutions, insights & information here, at Mary Jane on Main Street.


You will love that you feel again!

Gisela, Jeanette & Drethun

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