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Tree Stewardship

Our multigenerational Farm’acy DOES GOOD THINGS


Planet Apothecary LLC supports Mary Jane on Main Street in exploring the unique conversations  between humans and their environment. We are inspired by Mom & Dad’s intuitive reminders to my siblings and I that the forest is the ultimate therapy.


Dad would hike deep into our evergreen acres on what he called “freedom walks” when his mind & soul required respite and return whistling with a smile & a bouquet for mom. Intuitively, I also felt the shift of simply being outdoors throughout my childhood and the canopy of tree tops always adds a sense of being able to soothe my senses and expand my breath to this day.

  • Research now demonstrates that my parents “Forest RX” has credibility.

  • Medical professionals are beginning to understand the profound effects of exposure to nature and both the chemistry & physics behind the wonders of the woods.

  • Studies note that time outside reduces stress resulting in lowered heart rates & improved digestion. Data even documents that time in the woods boosts what is referenced as NK (natural killer) cells in humans. These cells are a type of lymphocyte that may help fight virally infected cells and tumors.

Our studies at Planet Apothecary Living Labs is exploring the ancient art of forest bathing known as Shinrin-Yoku and the potential benefits that some studies have noted such as higher endorphin levels,

a sense of heighten calm & Whole Being with similar findings.

Over the years, Mom and Dad invested their loving attention in creating a Forest Stewardship at the farm with the vision of improved forest health, enriched wildlife habitats, bee sanctuary plants and recreational opportunities.


Please add your breath to ours to re-inspire deep

breathing and respiration, to restore, revitalize, 

re-oxygenate and root our future generation and

maintain sensory whole'being and your own freedom walks.

Give the gift of healing breath.

Join us in planting trees through our partnership with

for yourself, your families, your friends, your fur babies and your global neighborhood, for the love of this planet and its breathing beings.

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