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Winter Supplements

Updated: Jul 18, 2020

Winter Supplements:

Respiratory health is a year round concern. More people lose time from their job due to sinus problems than any other single illness.

Spring and Summer are considered allergy season but Fall and Winter pose respiratory challenges as well. In the warmer months, airborne pollens trigger lung and sinus reactions when we’re outdoors. The cooler months cause us to seal in the dust, dander, sprays and pollutants we’ve brought inside and use daily. Heating systems then blow them around, circulating them all through the house and work environments.

The point is that you may benefit from feeding and protecting your lungs, sinuses and nasal passages all year long. The best thing you can do for your respiratory system is drink lots of pure water. Mucous membranes are designed to be wet. When they dry out, it’s like getting a deep tissue massage without the massage oil. The sinuses are a ventilation system for the brain, designed to keep it from overheating. They also allow toxins produced as a by product of brain functions to escape. It’s no wonder the brain goes dull if the sinuses aren’t doing their job! Something as simple as choosing a whiff of Peppermint Essential Oil or the combination Breathe Free™ may clear the passages and, suddenly, you can think again! (Don’t use on children under 2 years old.)

Thankfully there are lots of herbs that work well to clear the airways. The combination, ALJ® aids the entire respiratory tract to gently cleanse itself and promotes healthy respiratory tissue. It comes in capsules and a great tasting liquid so it may be used for all ages. Colds, allergies, sinusitis, it doesn’t matter what the challenge is; this has been used as a super food just for your respiratory system. It is beneficial to feed your respiratory system every day.

Hista Block™ helps the body adjust to challenges brought on by airborne particles, environmental conditions, etc. Choose to keep this on hand for direct aid when seasonal triggers are causing discomfort or distress.

Chinese Lung Support is a combination of 16 herbs specially formulated to supplement the needs of a weakened respiratory system. Its primary herbs work to boost the immune system, promote moisturizing, build energy and soothe inflamed tissue. Studies on bupleurum have shown it to be as effective as cortisone as an anti-inflammatory without the damage to bones and connective tissue associated with long term steroid treatment.

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