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Digital Zoombie Regeneration Kit

Regenerate Your Self-care and march forth on March 4th, 2021 with nine months

of Neuro-Nutrition to gestate your pre~COVID innocence,

your very inner sense and bid farewell to your inner Digital Zoombie.


You'll join your fellow Earthlings in planting a network of everlasting roots because we'll plant a tree in honor of your purchase and we're adding an intention card chock full of seeds in planting HOPE wherever you are.


We'll send you a carefully curated Super Sensory Power Tool Kit of your color choice to use while your parked in front of your screen as we collectively adapt to living, learning and working WELL in a low touch/no touch world that over activates our audio visual senses and under activates touch, smell, movement and balance.


Every week you'll receive effective, simple tips to keep you on the go and in the flow that Simply make Sense of your Senses!


Your Super Power Sensory Kit is designed to support you for your 9 month gestation and beyond with our:

  • Proprietary roll on relief, roll out stress hemp oil applicator infused with pure essential oils and gem chips. 
  • Lightweight salt, gemstone, pure essential oil Inhaler so you can breathe deeply in support of accessing your breath again deeply.
  • A color coded Pure essential oil when an extra dab of loving clarity and care is required.
  • Chroma therapy Glasses that shift your view mentally, emotionally & physically simply by sliding them up your nose and noticing what you notice 10-20 minutes a day.
  • A semi-precious stone Intention bracelet that supports your discovery of the power of of repeating " I am Smooth" as you feel their cool beads warm and adapt to you.
  • An eye pillow filled with lavender goodness that you can activate with a dab of your kit's pure essential oil when the view within is vital to access. It's a potent way to reboot everyday and just ten minutes of it hugging your eyes is magic!
  • Access to our Clean Hands across the Globe Movement. You'll receive one Soother Stone Soap to use per month in the nine colors of our rainbow for 9 months! (our rainbow is comprised of ROY G BIV - Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo,Violet plus Pink and Turquoise)


Consider the power of washing your hands as a wonderful way to envelop yourself and those you love in resonant fields of hygiene with a simple suds at any point in your day while you get to collect the nine color gemstones of our rainbow each month as part of your daily mindset support. 

Digital Zoombie Regeneration Kit

    • Soother Stones are used in cognitive behavioral therapy with clinical proof that these stones benefit our psychology in many ways. 
    • The simple hygiene of washing hands is enhanced with our gently scented, residue free glycerine soaps.  
    • Motivate yourself knowing the treasure of a real semi precious stone awaits in the center of each soap.


    Each Soap is made with 100% natural and organic ingredients, including real semi-precious gemstones for emotional support and general wellness through touch, scent and re balancing your ability to connect to yourself and the world around you.


    Once you invest in your zoombie's sensory care, you'll receive super sensory tips, tools or exercises to inspire unique ways to apply your tools and most of all your innate wisdom activates as you reboot and renew your view of what's possible every week. 


    Say it with me everybody: "I'm Possible", "I AM SMOOTH! "


    As you care for yourself, you'll come to model the balance required

    on our currently rock'ing planet...with Rocks!...and it's actually so simple when we wash our hands individually, collectively and come together like the old fable Stone Soup and remember we've always got a bit to share, even when we don't thinks so.


    Join us and sniff, smile, and expand the view of your experience through rainbow colored glasses and go within to remember your inner sense. It's Self Care made Simple. 


    Calling all Digital Zoombies to come out and play with your Zoombie Super Power Sensory Tool kits and remember who you truly are!  Ready? 


    For only $20 per month, a one time investment of $180. You're Zoombie comes alive with self care made simple sensory snacks and weekly guidance as you gestate your inner senses for 9 months!

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