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Limited Edition Mary Jane on Main Street Amber Hemp Roll-on

A nourishing self-care product to apply as you bath or on dry skin. This pure blend offers improved microcirculation which enhance your body's innate ability to flow toxins out, boosting your body's ability to naturally rejuvenate.


Science notes that it takes less than 12 seconds for oils to enter the blood stream, be carried throughout the body and nourish you through the circulatory system. 


Apply daily and for spot treatments to rejuvenate, hydrate, feed and detox for radiant and supple skin and inner glow


Notes of Amber Blend in a base of Hempseed oil and Tiger Eye chips

  • 12% blend which makes it safe to apply to the body
  • Use as a natural magnetic perfume
  • Contains vanilla, vetiver & sandalwood
  • Yellow Tiger's eye
  • Eases anxiety and aids harmony and balance. Can stimulate taking action, and potentially support making decisions with discernment and understanding, and unclouded by your emotions.



Mary Jane On Main Street Gold Standard self care products combine a full sensory approach for your Whole Being.

  • Cymatic harmonics tune our hemp and the finest essential oils.
  • Gold Gans fields heighten your fortified auric field of energy enabling your neurology to relax into ease and out of fight of flight as your vagus nerve picks up the signals that all is well in the space you are from your crowning glory to your very soles.



Your Daily Vagus Baby Shower Ceremony of Self 

  • Anoint your soles with pure Mary Jane on Main Street Body Oil and feel the field of gracious gold all day .
  • Add a pump a day of the Body oil to the Vagus Nerve right behind your ear lobes at the sides of your neck to inform your nerves from your core inner regulator that you've got the day!
  • Carry your 10ml roller with you for spot treatments and holding your own fabulous flow!

Limited Edition Mary Jane on Main Street Amber Hemp Roll-on

  • Add any of our rollers to your skincare routine, to ease tension, boost hydration, soften wrinkles and get a youthful, glowing look, instantly, while nourishing with the finest ingredients.

    • Turn your frown upside down and give yourself a lift! Roll upwards from the jawline up towards the cheek area instantly giving you that lift.
    • A quick and easy mini-facial you can do at home, to help keep your skin looking young, vibrant and healthy. The increase in circulation is what helps improve the appearance of skin.
    • Roll over a face mask and serums, a popular technique at spas!
    • Your insta mani pedi tension release.
    • A soothing support when your fight or flight would like an easier trip out of vagus discomfort.

    Rollers been a staple in traditional Chinese self-care routines for thousands of years.

    • It’s believed that both face rollers —and using them to “exercise” your facial muscles— or acupressure rollers can have healing applications.
    • Our unique roller ball applicators for our Gold Standard hemp oil combinations can help boost circulation, ease muscle tension, reduce puffiness, smooth wrinkles and allow skin nutrients to absorb better.
    • Our on the go in the flow style at Mary Jane on Main Street helps you ease tension & discomfort in your facial muscles, that create a drawn and tight gaze or be applied to any bursa or tight muscle throughout your body.
    • Rolling massage eases tension throughout your mental, emotional and physical body, while increasing the blood flow in the areas of your face, feet, neck and muscles and encouraging lymphatic drainage.
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