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Diamonds and Gold Ceremony of Self

Updated: Jul 18, 2020

Skin Care is Mind Care All Year Long

Summer Sun can feel like our great Unveiling. The REAL reality of being bare, letting go of layers is a readying revelation of our personal and cumulative practices of self-care.

As the linear time flows,  signs of reformatting due to gravity, both the magnetic kind as a well as the weight of our emotion baggage accumulations and the "wait" of the attitudes of  “someday I will have time for me" inevitably appear as signatures of a life well-lived. 

Laugh lines  can be evident from days spent laughing and enjoying the golden rays of sunshine, along with other lines of our life adventures as souvenirs of the roads we’ve traveled.

These descriptive line maps  can be indicative  of dehydration as well. It’s vital to note that moisturizing and hydrating are not synonymous. Consider that the former is how we care for the skin from the outside, and the latter is how we care from within. 

Consider the words " Ceremony of Self ".  It  feel luxurious, a bit indulgent perhaps and actually simple compared to the words  “following a regimen”.  

Did you know that simply changing the way you self-speak , your  conversations can change your face, your skin and your entire life? Neuroplasticity is the change in neural pathways and synapses that occurs when you are present with your words, when you consciously choose to change a thought and behavior like self-care through empowering language that creates the mental markers for a new mindset that shifts neural processes.

With your presence in choosing to revitalize your communications and actions, you reprogram your amazing brain bio computer, and it engages in synaptic pruning, deleting the neural connections that are no longer necessary, limiting beliefs like self-care is a regime or that its hard to make time and strengthens the ones that open you to being in the flow of wholebeing .

Flow is that vital state of consciousness where you feel amazing and able to face whatever is with ease...and matter of factness.

Flow is a state of being in which you are in alignment with your whole self and the universe.  

You spontaneously act in a fully life supporting way. 

Life becomes more effortless and charming.

What are the results of Presence Pauses and Ceremonies of Self?

Time disappears and you are fully present...there is no "some day, no I don't have time...."

Your intentions manifest effortlessly

“Miracles” happen more regularly

You have access to an infinite well of intelligence that surpasses your own understanding

Your levels of joy soar

Flow is often perceived as something that is only accessible to spiritual masters, or during “peak experiences”. This paints a picture of flow as something impractical, reserved for select individuals, select moments, or select areas of life.

On the contrary, flow is highly practical, accessible to everyone, and applicable to all areas of life.

And you can access that state with the regular art of Presence pauses and Ceremonies of Self…

Are you ready to commit to your presence?

To Your whole Being?

To a regular Ceremony of Self?


Wonder full!

Your presence pauses provide immediate complexion results. Know also that external skincare is one part of the long-term equation. Our diet plays a major role in the overall wellbeing and skin hydration. Drinking plenty of water and eating organic, water-dense foods are excellent ways to increase the amount of water in our skin cells. Watermelon, cucumbers, celery, oranges, lettuce, cantaloupe, and strawberries are amazing water rich options. 

Be inspired to create your own version of our superpower soothing smoothie below to keep your skin smooth and hydrated as well as balance the blood pH level of the fluids in your body.

Be fashionable and practically prepared with a wide brimmed sun hat as you enjoy the great outdoors, a mineral based sunscreen and remember that much of our skin’s health is an inside job. attributed to what’s going on beneath the surface. Being mindfully present with these simple ceremonies of self-care is the mind care that keeps you on the go and in the flow. Your glorious radiance unveiled.

Smoothies are an a simple way to invite more fruits and vegetables into your diet on a daily basis and it can make it fun to experiment with getting your five a day (or 10 a day as some experts suggest now). Watery options like Cucumbers, Strawberries and, cantaloupe and watermelon combined with  bananas are excellent ingredients to combine together.

They offer plenty of nutrients and water content, without too many sugars that will break down into the liquid. You will also get the feeling of being full of the creaminess of the banana without milk or yogurt. Consider nut milks or water to ease out of the amount of dairy you add to your system.

Ingredients: 1 cup of almond milk, unsweetened ½ cucumber, roughly chopped 1 ½ cups of strawberries, frozen 1 ½ ripe bananas, sliced and frozen 1/2tbsp chia seeds Options: a sprig of fresh mint to ease digestion , a vanilla pod, a tablespoon  of our CBD Honey  to soothe senses or a stevia sprinkle to create a cool, sweet Presence Pause as you Celebrate the way you nourish yourself ! Method: Allow the strawberries to defrost slightly, so they’re a little softer Add the milk and cucumber to the blender and process until smooth Add in the fruits and your chia seeds, and any extras and blend until creamy

Bee You to the Fullest . Be a Whole BEING.

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