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Presence Pause

Updated: Jul 18, 2020

Are you willing to give yourself the insights that stillness can bring by stepping away from you normal busi’ness? 

The latest research shows that the average human attention span is down to 8 seconds. That’s down 4 seconds in ten years! Why does this matter to you? It matters if a longer, healthier life is appealing. If it is, read on. 

How often do you find yourself on auto pilot as you go about your day? When we are on auto pilot we don’t often pay attention to our senses, the innate intelligence of our inner compass and guide to self regulation. Presence processes improve heart rate, digestion, respiration, mental and emotional stress and even, as some of the latest research shows, keeping your brain sharp responsive and delaying or preventing aging.

A simple first step is noticing the difference between a less than mindful routine and what can be a “ceremony of self care” accomplished in the same amount of time or less.  (Being present vs multitasking does save time.) 

The first thing to keep in mind is your attitude behind the action. Consider a typical morning routine: Rise, make coffee, eat, brush your teeth, shower, get dressed, feed and walk the dog, gather up your kids for the same routine and dash for the door, bus, etc…How often do you wonder if you did or did not do something because you haven’t been present with your routine? For most of us, routines are what needs to get done, what we may feel we have no or little choice about and seen as a chore. Routines often feel necessary, less than meaningful and can often trigger anxiety.

Ceremonies are viewed as meaningful practices with a sense of purpose, presence with the activity and studies show that the idea of a ceremony triggers the part of the brain that can create joyful anticipation. 

Imagine the gift of moving from anxiety and apprehension to joyful anticipation in your daily experience. 

These are a few examples of the dynamic nuances between Routine and Ceremony:

At Mary Jane on Main Street we have witnessed countless clients experience greater whole being through self-regulation, presence and the simple, mindful practices that can transform any “self-care routine” into a “ceremony of self” with a shift in perspective and a presence pause.

We include simple affirmation cards with our starter kits to ignite your presence pause and bring attentive care to yourself, moment to moment. These are gentle reminders that help you move from routines that seem tedious to daily acts with purposeful presence pauses. Gift yourself with these simple steps to move from anxiety to joyful anticipation.

Our entire self-care solutions collection is designed to communicate with the most primal parts of your brain and neurology using pure essential oils and Hemp Oil. These naturally inform your form, your very physiology through your endocannabinoid system, skin & breath by NOURISHING, CLEANSING, HYDRATING, REJUVENATING, PURIFYING and easing your individual BLISS STEP into each aspect of your daily care.

We invite you into checking in with yourself to step beyond the perspective that routine daily activity is something that “just needs to get done”.  We know that with a simple shift in perspective and a presence pause, anything can become an activity you feel serves a positive function in your life, and be something you look forward to because you will love how you feel.

Ultimately, you are rebooting your incredible brain bio computer with purpose and presence and the whole-being you achieve through bringing more meaning to your daily activities. 

That builds into still motivation to know WholeBeing through remembering the wisdom of your Sensory DNA.

I have found over the years that we cannot give to others what we have not given ourselves. Give yourself the perception that you deserve a daily presence pause with every "routine". Celebrate yourself and feel that sense of well-being ripple out to all you touch in wonderful ways. We’re sure you’ll love how you feel. 

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